High School Students

Testimonials from former HSC students I have tutored:

“Cath is extremely knowledgeable of the expectations of the HSC and she has provided fantastic feedback and guidance on my French assessments. I would thoroughly recommend Cath not only as an educator but also as a great motivator and support.” S.R.

“Cath is an experienced and passionate French teacher. She genuinely cares about her students and their improvement in the language. She was immediately able to identity my areas of weakness and work on those whilst continuing to further build on my understanding of the language on the whole. Her extensive resources and authentic knowledge go far beyond what is provided by schools and online. Cath is dedicated and flexible in her availability. She was motivating and I enjoyed the French course far more thanks to her.”  E.T.

About my high-school level teaching

I am an experienced French tutor who has achieved excellent academic results over many years. Typically the HSC students I have tutored have achieved either band 5 or 6 results, with many appearing in the BOSTES “Distinguished Achiever” list and some even attaining “Top Achievers in Course”.

Whilst top academic results are pleasing, they are not easily obtained by everyone. I am equally equipped to work with students who are genuinely struggling with their French and need to improve marks and gain confidence. I have the knack of explaining difficult concepts easily and can communicate tricky language aspects effectively. If you would like your child to get their confidence and enthusiasm for their French back, then please contact me!

I am familiar with the standards required and curriculum at all levels as set by NESA. I can very quickly gauge a student’s current level of French and identify ways to reach the desired standard. I get results with my students because we work on improving all of their language skills but also on developing assessment and examination strategies that impress markers and really work.

For all secondary students I offer:
- Writing and reading comprehension development
- Conversation and confidence-building exercises (all levels)
- Grammar and language drills
- Listening practice
- Vocabulary expansion

In particular for HSC students I offer:
- HSC exam and assessment preparation (Beginners, Continuers and Extension levels) – all skills
- Focus on HSC French Beginners, Continuers speaking skills and Extension monologue skills
- Teaching Les Intouchables (film) short-answer questions and empathy tasks
- Writing skills analysis and improvement, forming coherent and persuasive arguments both in writing and speaking tasks
- Language extension through superior reading comprehension and writing tasks


International Baccalaureat (IB)

I am also familiar with the International Baccalaureate syllabus and standards, and have worked successfully with students in achieving their scholastic goals in this area. So often students feel thrown in the deep end with the content and approach of the IB course. To counteract this, I have developped successful techniques in building students’ confidence and knowledge for this course. I can coach students for the Individual and Interactive Orals, the written and reading components of the exams. I have a wealth of resources which correspond to the IB course for both standard and higher level.


Whilst my overarching aim is always to provide French study support, I also try and instill in my students a real love and enthusiasm for the French language and culture.

I provide regular progress reports to parents when requested. I provide extra homework and learning exercises where required.

About my services to high school students

My students come to my location in Mosman where I have a wealth of French learning resources at my fingertips.

I see my high school students in a regular, weekly timeslot which remains the same throughout the school term (illness and other commitments allowing).

I provide extra sessions in the lead-up to exams or during the holidays if there is a need for more intensive work.

Please click to see my rates and how to contact me. (Please note I am often over-subscribed during term time, but do my best to accommodate new students where I can.)