IB French B Workshops

The IB course can seem so daunting at times. The expected standards for students’ work can seem so high, and sometimes it feels to students that they have been thrown in the deep end. With this common sentiment in mind, we have designed 2 workshops specifically for IB French students studying the Standard B course, one on writing skills, and another on speaking skills (see below for more details on the workshop dates).

These workshops promise to help students to approach their writing and speaking skills in a systematic way, ensuring they produce their very best of both. Come along and make the most of our knowledge and experience in this area. We are dedicated French teachers with a wealth of resources and know-how at our fingertips!

Suitable for students doing the IB Standard Level French B.

Following the writing workshop, students will be able to:

  • Identify the different text types and the hallmarks of their purpose, structure and content
  • Plan writing tasks which are appropriate for the target audience
  • Structure, link and present writing tasks in a more coherent and impressive way
  • Consider the best inclusions for each task that will impress examiners
  • Utilise the planning time for writing tasks effectively, ensuring the best possible text and result

Following the speaking workshop, students will be able to:

  • Plan and structure a coherent response to  Individual Oral  and Interactive Oral tasks
  • Include impressive content as part of their Oral assessments
  • Form persuasive arguments and present their points of view fluently and consistently

Our experienced teachers will:

  • Work closely with students, providing guidance and assistance
  • Correct students’ work and provide valuable instant feedback
  • Help students to structure and form their written texts, to include a coherent argument and flow of ideas


Workshop Details are as follows for 2019:


Writing Skills - Tuesday 15 January 2019

Speaking Skills - Wednesday 16 January 2019

Time: From 10am to 4pm


To attend one workshop is $140 per student (inclusions: 5.5 hours tuition, highly valuable workshop materials and morning and afternoon tea. Students to bring own lunch)

To attend both workshops is $250 (inclusions: 11 hours tuition, 2 x highly valuable workshop materials and morning and afternoon tea. Students to bring own lunch)

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